Motorola Envision Mystery Device Teased, Feels a Bit Like an ASUS Padfone

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I’m an avid hunter of projects on Behance, where students and designers post their work and teased it. Well, today I’ve come across the Motorola Envision concept, a mystery device that may be anything from a drawing tablet to a handset.

Motorola envision concept

It could be a console, even a laptop, but my feeling is that we’re dealing with a sort of ASUS PadFone rival. To me this feels like a tablet that has a special slot for a phone… or maybe, just maybe a tablet with a slot for a smaller tablet. Can you imagine that? ASUS hasn’t been playing with this idea for a while now, so it’s time to leave it to someone else.

The designer, Kirsten Schaefer from USA promised more images soon, so you can take this as a teaser. So best case scenario, it’s a console tablet like the Nvidia Shield, or second best a Motorola Padfone-style tablet… Ideas?

[via Behance]

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