Motorola Zark Combines RAZR, Atrix and Droid Into a Single Smartphone

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Bob Freking is right when he claims that although lately we’ve seen a lot of Samsung, Nokia and LG concepts, Motorola hasn’t been approached by many designers. Now he thought to combine the Atrix, Droid and RAZR series and gave us the Motorola Zark concept phone, pictured below.

It has the power of a Droid, the fingerprint scanner of the Atrix and the RAZR’s body, at least partially. Bob is right when he says that Motorola should offer a quad core handset by now. LG has one, HTC has one and Samsung has one… Sony and Motorola are the big names lacking from the quad core smartphone list. One thing’s for sure: Moto is not holding out for quad core Windows Phone, which is an amusing idea. They may be keeping their secret quad core CPU for a Nexus Motorola phone, who know?

Back to the concept here, the Motorola Zark features a HD display, 2GB of RAM and a quad core processor. This handset will also have a white version, that will look badass. Will Moto be able to deliver such a device in the near future or do we have to wait for Android Key Lime Pie?

[Thanks Bob Freking]