Since Moto RAZR Got a Comeback, Why Not Motorola Aura?

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It was Nokia, actually HMD that started bringing back old school phones and then Motorola followed. First we had the Nokia 3310 2017, then the Moto RAZR 2019, in a foldable form. Now we may as well get ready for the Motorola Aura 2020, since we’re at it. And thus we have a render of it… or more.

The designer is called Carota Design and they envisioned a fashion phone that’s ready for the 2020 requirements. Motorola Aura was a special phone back in the day, in 2009. It was unveiled as a fashion concept phone and it had versions covered with gold and other precious metals and stones. It had a rotating body and a circular screen, covered with sapphire glass if I remember correctly. It was ahead of its time by quite a bit and the innards were akin to the top notch horologery (watch making).

There shouldn’t be too many changes format-wise in 2020, aside from completing the circular screen with other displays. We would get at least two more panels, edge to edge ones, to deliver a truly proper smartphone experience. There’s still that circular piece, but it seems to now host cameras in lieu of a screen. There’s an external display and a another one inside, below the sliding piece. This time we also get colorful leather versions of the device, in red, blue, brown and green, with stitches on the side.

We get two flexible OLED touchscreen displays here and this is definitely not a flagship. Netflix and regular web browsing will probably be tough to do here. We would also need a special custom UI on top of around, one that takes into account rounded corners and edges. The result is called Motorola Revolve, not Aura, by the way.

via Yanko Design

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