LG Velvet Fan Art is Pretty Damn Impressive

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LG is going through a bit of a transition now, trying to reinvent itself as the “flagship-less company”. Apparently they killed the LG G9 project, because they didn’t want to pay the big bucks for the Snapdragon 865 CPU. They’re going to launch it though under a different a name with a Snapdragon 675G. In the meantime they’re preparing the brand new LG Velvet, which was leaked a few days ago and now gets some fan renders.

The design totally screams Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 to me, thanks to the long format, which is probably a 21:9 affair. The new camera approach actually reminds me of the Motorola One models, which claim that their way of integrating cameras resembles “an exclamation mark”. The collection of cameras also feels a bit like a pair of earrings. The screen has an interesting approach, since it’s got a narrow bezel, but also a sort of angular way of curving on the sides. We’ve sen the LG Velvet leaked in sketches days ago.

It reminds me a bit of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. I like the black model particularly and that wallpaper is badass. The triple back camera seems like an obvious choice, but I wonder if LG will go all the way with cool optical zoom and new ultrawide camera, or just give us a midrange package. There’s been multiple mentions of reviving the Chocolate series, so we may actually get a fashion phone with lesser specs. One of the versions created by the source designer actually has a back covered with velvet.

I sure wonder what Sony is thinking about this…

via Ice Universe/ koreaboo

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