Google Pixel Concept Finally Gets Rid of Notches, Channels Nokia N9

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Google Pixel has registered an uptick in rumors lately, with a Pixel 4a box popping up and also a Pixel 5 render or two. Now there’s a fresh Google Pixel concept, that gets rid of the huge bezels and avoids the notch. It’s the creation of Ferdinand Aichriedler and it feels a bit like the Nokia N9.

Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 had huge bezels and ugly notches, while the Pixel 4 had a gigantic forehead. Now there’s the Pixel Vector, which even ends up having a fabric version (fabric on the sides). It still has two front cameras, nestled in a corner discretely. There’s sharp edges, gently curved corners and what seems to be a flatter top and bottom. Somehow a single lens camera makes the cut again and it’s definitely prettier than the Pixel 4a camera that leaked recently. I mean, a whole square for a sensor!?

There’s still the colorful Power button that appeared on the other Pixels and the whole thing totally feels like a Nokia. The selfie cameras are well hidden in the top corners, I almost didn’t notice them. The top of the back totally feels like the Pixel 3, by the way. I still can’t tell if the fabric model is a case or an actual version of the phone. Judging by the free patch around the USB-C port, it may be a case. Imagine how bad it would stain from your sauce and KFC drenched fingers… or following some Cheetos.

This only gets a pass from me if it gets the Nokia branding.

via Yanko Design

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