10 Best Ways to Make Money From Your Phone

Whether you have a smartphone with an internet connection or don’t, there are plenty of ways to make money from your phone. You can use your smartphone for Freelancing, Uber, Ibotta, Surveys, and even investment. Although investing is risky, making money from your phone in many ways. These options can be lucrative as long as you’re careful. Read on to learn about these 5 ways to make money from your phone.


Freelancing is a popular side hustle for many people. This business model allows you to earn money from home by doing something you enjoy, enabling you to make it from your spare time. Freelancing apps are easy to use and can be used by experienced and newbie freelancers. 

There are many freelance opportunities available on Upwork for people with smartphones. These jobs range from surveys to social media promotions to virtual assistance. Choose the one that matches your skills and interests, and start working for the money! 

Playing Games

Using apps to play games for cash isn’t a new idea. Several apps will pay you for playing games for money. For example, there are Bitcoin soccer apps available for Android phones. The games require you to score goals to get rewards in Satoshis, virtual currencies. You can also earn points by referring friends to these games. These apps will pay you a set amount each time your friends join their website through your link. The rewards are usually small but can add up. 


If you’re looking for an extra way to make money from your phone, consider driving for Uber. The app has a referral program that rewards drivers for referring friends. You’ll also earn more money when you complete a Quest.

Besides Uber, you can also sign up for Lyft to make extra cash. Lyft and Uber are transportation networks, and both use drivers own cars. In addition, both companies check background checks before hiring drivers. You can also sign up for iCarpool, which matches carpoolers with empty seats. This way, you can make money on your regular commute.

Selling items

Selling items on eBay or Amazon can earn you money. But, of course, the price of the item and the shipping costs will determine the amount of money you earn. You can also make money by selling photos. Foap offers a platform where users can sell photos and earn money. Founder Deborah Sawyerr uses Foap to earn cash. She splits the profits with her partners.


The best part about Ibotta is that you can withdraw cash via PayPal or choose a gift card. Ibotta also offers referral bonuses, which you can earn by referring friends to join. You can get $5 for every successful referral you make. To sign up, you must download the app on your phone. Bonuses are also earned by clicking on offers and shopping in certain stores. Each bonus is usually worth $2. Bonus streaks are bonuses you can receive each time you purchase the same product.


There are many different ways to earn from paid surveys, and some even have apps for your phone! If you’re looking for an easy way to make money while on the go, paid surveys are a great option. Paid surveys are great for those looking for an extra money but are not a substitute for a full-time job. You’ll need to sign up for many companies to get the most out of paid surveys.

Cash back apps

Cash back apps are the best way to get extra cash while shopping. They work with participating retailers to give you cash back for the purchases you make. For example, suppose you regularly buy a particular product or service. In that case, you can sign up for cash-back programs to receive a percentage of the purchase price. These programs may also provide coupons for additional discounts or price breaks. While these are not big money-making apps, they can help cultivate a money-saving mentality. 

Watching videos

You can watch a YouTube playlist in return for cash. These videos usually last between a few minutes to half an hour. You can make over $200 monthly by watching the same video a few times. You can also wrap cars to make money – this can earn you as much as $452. You can even earn more if you are a movie buff.

Downloading Investment Apps

There are several ways to make money by downloading investment apps to your cell phone. Some are free, while others require an internet connection. The first way is to choose one that offers zero-commission trades, which means you won’t have to pay a broker to execute your trade. Other investment options include ETFs and mutual funds, which require fees and expense ratios. Make sure to research your options before making any investments.

Reviewing Products

Other ways to make money on your phone include reviewing websites and products. Slicethepie is the largest paid review site on the internet. Users get paid for their reviews. The more you rate them, the more money you can earn. There are also apps to make money if you have a particular skill. One of the most popular of these is JustAnswer, which allows you to answer questions for clients.

There are many ways to make money from your phone – some require minimal investment or even no technical skills! Just make sure to have the motivation to do it! By offering your expertise, you can earn money from your smartphone while working from the comfort of your home.

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