7 Apps and Websites That Can Transform The Way You Learn

The Modern education system relies on technological innovations. Teachers no longer write on black boards and the learning process like visualizing, writing and thinking has advanced.

New applications and websites have emerged to satisfy the needs of both teachers and students. Because the modern learning style should be interactive, convenient and student-centered.


Instead of thinking where to find writing guides, students think ‘how should I type my paper.’ This thought proves that technology has changed everything. Now, the majority of classroom applications are connected to the Google Classroom. In this way, a teacher can share learning materials and customize the class according to their taste.

Nearpod is exactly the app which has initiated a new whole-group discussion format. Just check the benefits yourself: 

  • All students can see the learning materials on their screens at the same time;
  • There is a great control over the delivery of materials for the study; 
  • A draw feature of the program allows students to write down the answers on their screens by hand; 
  • In a group mode, everyone can see the answers of each other. In such a way, a teacher can initiate a classroom discussion of peer responses;
  • One can easily install application on their iPhone or iPad;
  • Most of the application’s features are free. 


Now this is a real ‘feedback’ application. The main function of the application is ensuring strong communication between a teacher and a student. 

  • Private feedback. With Classkick, a teacher can write to a particular student directly. In such a way, a teacher does not distract other students; 
  • All students’ screens are on the teacher’s one big screen. For instance, a teacher sees that a student experiences a difficulty while trying to solve a mathematical problem. In this case, a teacher can text the student and guide them through the process. Hence, a better control of the teaching process and material delivery;
  • A range of colors to draw, write, and erase. In the program, students can use any color they like while answering the questions. If they make a mistake, they can easily erase it and rewrite the task; 
  • Assign student work. With this technological miracle, a teacher can assign students their homework and leave comments; 
  • A virtual hand. Students can use this feature when they need to ask a question.


Not all teachers are fond of seeing themselves on the screen, let alone recording their classes for a wider audience. But who said that adding creativity to class preparations is unnecessary? With Educreations, teachers can easily record their lectures to make the studying process fun and effective. 

  • Educreations is an application for creating screencasts. The latter is a recorded class; 
  • Students can pause and rewind the video in their free time. For those who grasp the material slowly, the application is a blessing;
  • Students who missed the class can watch the lecture at home yet stay in tune with studying.

Explain Everything

The aim of this application is to allow students to re-explain the learnt material, record it, and send the video to their teacher. Other formats that can be used are text and audio files. For instance, students can rate an essay in their videos after getting feedback from the professor and the peers.

  • Leave the video on a Seesaw platform. Yes, Seesaw is where the students’ portfolios are kept, collected, and accessed;
  • Parental control. Parents have access to the Seesaw portfolios of the students yet track the success of their children; 
  • A variety of files. Both introverts and extroverts will enjoy the application. Because one can take pictures, upload text, audio, and video files.


We will tell you a secret: no student likes referencing. Yes, citing a source is meticulous and boring. But thanks to the technically savvy developers, this student’s pain has been reduced. 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/5fNmWej4tAA

EasyBib is both a website and an application that scans the barcode of the book and creates the citation automatically. All you need to do is enter the website and use your camera. Later, you receive a ready-to-use citation and add it to your essay or research paper.

Oh, you also choose the format you need for citing the source. So, no longer you have to remember how MLA and APA differ from Chicago and why. 


One of the must-have sites for students, Studiosity offers 24/7 academic help. All you have to do is post a question and wait for the feedback. The best features of Studiosity are: 

  • The user receives feedback during the first 24 hours regarding their draft;
  • There is a 24/7 live chat if you have technical problems or any other account-related questions; 
  • You get a detailed response and consultation regarding your essay or research paper;
  • You can even cooperate with a specialist in your subject;
  • The platform cooperates with educational institutions. This means there is a high chance you can create a personal account for free. 


Like a more famous Quizlet, StudyBlue is helpful both to students and teachers. Students can create flashcards to memorize the information better at home. Meanwhile, teachers can use the website to access materials while preparing for the classes.

  • Pre-made decks. The site already has flashcards, which learners leave on the platform. Yet for some topics, your flashcards have been already prepped.
  • There is an app version for StudyBlue. Yet you can study anywhere you want. 
  • Rare disciplines. Sometimes, creating a deck of flashcards for a non-popular discipline may sound challenging. However, some users have already done it for you. Just search for the right deck on the website. 

Final Thoughts

With the invention of apps and websites for studying, the learning process has changed, from traditional to online learning. Classes are getting more and more technologically savvy. Hence, it is not enough for a modern professor to know Google Docs.

For a more effective studying process, a modern teacher must add applications and websites. Whether you are a teacher or a student, we hope that this article helped you to make your learning and teaching smarter. Stay tuned!

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