Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Gets the Detailed Waqar Khan Render Treatment

Another day, another set of renders for a yet unlaunched phone is here. This time we’re dealing with the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 smartphone, which receives a trailer courtesy of Waqar Khan. The device was leaked recently with a triple back camera, which is a big upgrade seeing how the predecessor didn’t even have a main camera.

Microsoft rushed to be part of the foldable trend two years ago, when it unveiled the Surface Duo. Plagued by delays, the device debuted a year later and it felt quite dated. It didn’t have 5G, the CPU was already old and we only got a selfie camera. There were some problems with construction, the USB-C port area started to get damaged after a while. Subsequent price drops confirmed this as a flop.

Now the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is here, aimed at a Fall 2021 release and it should be able to fix the problems of the first gen model. Designer Waqar Khan has created here a a sleek design, but one that still keeps 85% of the predecessor’s approach. We get a back camera, a triple one, that seems to impede the fully flush closing of the two screen pieces. Microsoft keeps the Nintendo DS style approach and offers us a device that opens up like a book and has a rather large hinge between the two screens.

The new colors are purple, white, black and gray. The back camera is probably a standard affair: 64 or 48 MP, 8 MP Ultrawide and 2 MP Bokeh or Macro. We could see Android here with a Microsoft launcher, or maybe even a flavour of Windows 11, since it also runs Android apps.

via Waqar Khan

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