Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet 2015 Edition 10 incher Leaks

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Here’s yet another leak, this time the one of an upcoming tablet, posted by the famous @evleaks. If you’ve been following this blog, you probably know I’m not a big fan of Amazon’s devices, because their designs don’t feel inspired or inspiring. And the Fire Phone proved me right, by failing. Now @evleaks claims there’s a new hardware product coming.

amazon kindle fire  tablet 2015 10 inch

All we know is that it’s an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet 2015 with a 10.1 inch screen and a render in the image above. It has a flat front and back and somehow feels more fit to be a 7 inch model, seeing its portrait orientation. There’s a metal frame here and a camera fit within the upper left corner of the device’s back. This reminds me a bit of a Nexus, albeit with a more layered profile.

The UI is a bit of a shock, since Amazon usually pushed its content forward, through a coverflow-style UI, that let the album covers flow, with music and video included. Well, this time it’s closer to stock Android, which can only be a good move and a sign we may even get the Play Store here, although that may be too optimistic.

[via tablet news and @evleaks]

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