Whatever Happened to the Nokia Remade?

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Nokia had some interesting concepts over the past decade, including the Nokia Remade model, that I haven’t heard about in a very long while. It was gone as soon as it appeared and it got thrown probably into the same pit as the Project Ara and Project Morph…

Nokia remade recycled parts phone (1)

The idea was to make a device totally composed of recycled parts, taken from cans, bottles and other stuff people throw away. The problem that the handset looked like it came out of a recycling bin, so people didn’t find it sexy, even if they wanted to save the planet. Old tires had been used to make its hinge and aluminum case made up its entire body.

Nokia remade recycled parts phone (2)

On a concept level this sounds great, but execution is what killed the device here. I say let’s pair a 3D printer with a recycling machine and keep pouring out such handsets. In the end it could just cost more to mold “garbage” into construction materials, than actual materials used for regular phones. It’s all about the money…

Nokia remade recycled parts phone (3)

Nokia remade recycled parts phone (4)

main photo via Wired

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