Biggest Challenges That Mobile App Developers Face – How They Can Face them?

In this cutthroat market, developing a mobile application is not as easy as it sounds. Even various professional mobile app developers face a lot of inevitable challenges.

When planning to make a new application, it is important that you focus on things that you should not do rather than what you should do. As the number of mobile apps increases, the number of challenges faced by app developers is also increasing.

Now, you must be thinking – what are those challenges? How to face those challenges? In this post, you can find a complete list of the biggest challenges faced by developers and how they can face these challenges:

Making an App That Stands-Out From Other Apps

It is one of the most common challenges that app developers face whenever they develop a new application. Today, there are more than 3.48 million apps in the Google Play Store, whereas Apple’s App Store has 2.22 million applications for iOS users as of September 2021.

In this competitive market, it is a challenging task to make an app that gets attention from app users. Today, people are looking for applications that solve their problems and help them in performing their daily tasks.

If the app users found any app useless and not solving any problem, they will not take even a minute to uninstall it. They will never use that app again. Therefore, it is a must that you develop an app that helps users.

Solution: To make an app that gets users’ attention, you need to understand your targeted audience’s needs. You need to analyze different problems that they are facing on regular basis. You can also research some successful apps in your niche and understand what they are offering in the app. You can include the most useful features that help users to perform their tasks a lot easier. Moreover, you should aim at delivering a wholesome experience to your users.

Making an App as Interactive as Possible

Another biggest challenge that developers are facing is developing an app as interactive as possible. It is not easily possible for them to make an app interactive as responsive design.

When developers try to include various features in the app, users get confused while using them and they don’t find the application interactive. Even today mobile devices are offering enormous high-tech sensors, so developers like DOIT Software can make the utmost of these sensors and create interactions.

However, it is a time-consuming and challenging process in the designing phase when it comes to creating interactions.

Solution: To face this challenge, developers should consider including only useful features in the app so that users can easily understand and use them. Moreover, they should also consider interactions in advance so that time can be saved during the designing phase.

Developers can use different buttons with different click options and overlays to show the required information. In addition to this, they can bring more touchable interactions such as shaking, labeling, etc. as these enable an app to respond direction, position, and activate some action.

Developing an App That is Compatible With Different OS Versions

Making an app, which is compatible with different OS versions is also a challenge for mobile app developers. Today, companies like Google and Apple, are keeping updating their OS so that they can serve their customers in a better way, but it is a problem for developers to make an app that runs on all the versions of OS.

For example, if you are developing an application for iOS 14, so you also need to consider the older versions of the OS, allowing users of the old versions to use your app. But if you do not consider the older versions of the OS, you will lose lots of users.

Solution: Today, the latest versions of the OS deliver a great number of APIs for your app, so you should continue to support older versions of the OS you are opting for until more devices get updated. You can take advantage of the latest APS while continuing to support older versions as well.

Making an App’s UI Simple & Easy

A lot of developers are there, who are facing this challenge while making an app. It is quite difficult to make an app’s UI simple and easy, but making an app’s user interface is the direct connection with your users.

Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that it is perfect. Instead of making such UI that users are unable to understand, you need to go in-depth and understand the user interface completely and what role it plays in your app.

Solution: To make a simple and clear UI of your application, you can find various practices on how to create the kind of UI that people will love, etc. These practices can help to make a unique UI.

Moreover, you can use a simple and clear structure and give brief instructions, tutorials, and guides, explaining what they need to do and how. There are also UI guidelines offered by platforms like Apple’s iOS, Android, and Windows that help you to choose UI patterns.

Considering Mobile App’s Security

As we all know that the number of mobile cyber security attacks is constantly growing, so it is quite challenging for developers to develop an application that is completely safe and secure. If mobile apps are provided to customers, secure coding best practices for online apps need to be followed for development, but it is not easy to consider different aspects.

Solution: To make the application completely secure so that users do not face any problem, developers need to consider specific additional aspects like inter-app communication, storage of data in the cache of the device, information leakage through screenshot capabilities, etc. Developers can easily prevent a lot of mobile app security flaws by just simply integrating security processes right from the beginning of the app development.

So, these are some of the challenges that various newbie and average developers face whenever they develop any application.

But, there are various professional and experienced mobile app development companies that claim to deliver only secure and fully interactive apps that stand out from the rest of the apps. Moreover, they also have expertise in different versions of the OS and user interface, so hiring a professional mobile app developer or team of developers would be a great option.

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