CEATEC 2008: DoCoMo and Fujitsu Show the Separeeto Keitai Concept Phone (Separating Handset) – Video

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CEATEC 2008 is here to reveal the latest mobile tech concepts, so Fujitsu and NTT DoCoMo amazed the public already with the aid of Separeeto Keitai, the phone that splits in two separate pieces. One is the screen and the other is the keyboard segment.

With the display you’ll be able to make calls, while the keyboard will be used for writing emails or text messages while talking on the phone.


The two parts of the handset are connected via magnet and Bluetooth and you should know that the touchscreen responds to its position: if it’s vertical, it’ll show a numeric keypad, if it’s attached horizontally to the other segment it will show a character entry mode or a virtual game pad. So, you’ll be able to write emails or start a gaming session on the go.

[via CrunchGear]