Cigarette Lighter Phone Should Remain a Concept… or Less

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Oh, how we love it when we stumble upon poor phones, with bad design and lame concepts behind them. That way we can do all the critique we want and enjoy the really good concepts more.

It’s time to take the Cigarette Lighter Phone SB6309 for a ride, specially because it doesn’t do anything spectacular… unless you count lighting your “cancer sticks”.


Yes, this is a phone with a cigarette lighter built in (maybe also working as cigar lighters) and you’ll find the fiery mechanism under a sliding cover. Don’t expect the device to look anything like these renders, in fact don’t expect anything at all, since the site that “sells” the device is filled with malware.

Could this be an anti smoking campaign in disguise? Making a lighter phone look bad and all… What do you say?


[via GSM Dome]