iPhone nano T3 Concept Looks Realistic, Might Happen Soon

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Apple owes us something big from this year’s disappointing WWDC, if not a tablet, then at least an iPhone nano like the one shown by the folks of T3 in the following images. Of course this is only a render, but we have the right to dream… This slimmed-down iPhone is an EDGE-only device with an OLED screen and a 12 hour battery life.


The T3 iPhone nano also comes with Wi-Fi N, wireless media sync and a memory capacity of 8 or 16 GB. The latest iPhone OS should also be on board, with all the  needed features, from copy/paste to MMS, A2DP Bluetooth or the shake to shuffle function. Notice the beautiful aluminium chassis and the elongated design of this slimmer and smaller iPhone.

The iPhone nano should be about the same size as the current iPod Nano, making it a device easy to fit in one’s pocket. What’s incredible is the camera sensor at the back, a 5 megapixel one, a feat that didn’t even make it to the iPhone 3GS. What do you say? Is this design plausible or not?





[via T3]