Concept Wireless Headset Plantronics Versa Makes Us All Ears

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The Plantronics Versa concept design belongs to One & Co and basically it’s the future of wireless headsets. This concept wireless headset uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the mobile phone and comes in all shapes and sizes in order to suit the tastes of men, women or youths.


Plantronics Versa becomes a long metallic gizmo when it’s designed for men, but for women it’s a chrome necklace, so beautiful that it can be worn as a piece of jewellery. Teens will use a necklace plus clip (made of anodized aluminium) that is cool enough to make them trendsetters.

We’ll be seeing the Plantronics Versa on the market sometime in the following 2 years, so it seems that the concept is quite appealing to manufacturers.


[via Tuvie]