Here’s How To Find Out Who’s Behind Those Unwanted Calls

Unwanted calls bother us during important discussions disturbing our workflow. Furthermore, stalkers, hackers and people who want to harass us also call from unknown numbers. But it is not possible or wise to block all the unknown calls totally. 

Your friend might call to inform you about the change of their number or you might receive calls for a job offer from new numbers. The best option here is to trace the person behind the unknown calls and block them specifically if necessary. 

There are countless ways to do this by using apps, contacting the ISP’s and using premium services from private companies which help in call tracing. 

  1. TrapCall – It is a very famous app used to trace unknown numbers. Install the app on the mobile and it will help in finding the actual number of the calls you receive even if they are masked. 
  1. Nuwber – search for the unknown number and see who it belongs to. Maybe it’s some acquaintance and there’s no need to block that telephone number at all.
  1. Landline Tracing – Tracing unknown callers from a landline number is a bit tricky without the use of various apps. Dial * 69 or * 57 after you receive an unknown call. That will dial the last incoming call even if it was concealed and you will probably be able to see the number. Alternatively, you can get the phone bill from your provider and check the call logs to trace the number of the unknown call on a particular date. 
  1. Hiya – The Hiya app has an extensive database with millions of numbers and addresses. Their advanced AI updates their database constantly to track the numerous numbers the stalkers use. This app helps in tracing the ID of the unknown caller, finding their real name, address, number and blocking them if necessary. 
  1. Anonymous caller ID service –  Contact your provider and enquire about the Anonymous caller ID service. Some providers activate it for free and some charge a nominal fee for the service. 

The Anonymous caller ID service allows the provider to unmask the unknown number. You need to share the date and time of the call and give your name and address to the provider to get the service activated. 

  1. ShowCaller – It is a service with an enormous database and is ranked among one of the top call tracking services. You can know the details of unwanted people trying to call you frequently using this app. It shows the caller ID and number of every person contacting you, even if they have used masking services. It also warns you regarding attending the call if the AI detects advanced encryption usage to mask the real number. 

These five methods pretty much help most people to handle nuisance calls easily. But, sometimes, hackers are quite clever. They try hard to conceal themselves behind well-protected layers and continue to harass you. 

Such people need different and more advanced ways of tracing. The telephone carriers often suggest certain ways to trace them and there is advanced private software which can do the job for you too. 

Private Tracing Software 

If none of the above methods work in tracing the caller disturbing you, contact a private detective agency to help you. They use call tracking software which detects the location from which the call is made. Then they analyze and decode various layers protecting or masking the original telephone number. 

They are able to identify which person is making a call within a few seconds. They match the human voice with various other data in the tracked location and try to find out the exact person who indulges in the crime. Sometimes, the software tracks numerous information about the number starting from other calls they are making from the same number to their personal contacts. 

Setting A Trap

Contact your telephone service provider and request them to set up a trap on your line to detect the caller. This method is used when you lodge an official complaint as you cannot take any action against the harasser yourself. All the calls routed to your number are traced and the stalker is usually traced in a very short period of time. 

You can warn the stalkers saying there is a trap on the line. Many stalkers stop bothering the victims if they do not have any malicious intentions except threatening them after this stage. If the call continues to bother you, notify your provider to trace it using the trap on the line and contact the police about the issue. 

Some people cleverly mask voices to confuse the software and location morphers to escape the trap. It is wise to get a new number in that case and share it only with limited contacts


Harassing someone through the telephone is a serious crime. Luckily, modern technology provides numerous ways to trace the unknown caller easily. You can rely on apps or private software, use the help of your provider to set a trap on your line or approach a private detective agency to help you. All these methods intend to find the stalker or caller using the most advanced technology in the market to help you feel safe and protected. 

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