How Often Do You Reset Your Forgotten Password?

It’s the end of the year again, and people are making recaps, and top tens and tier lists. Some of us have used phones a lot this year as mobile gaming grew, with the likes of Diablo Immortal and Apex Legends Mobile coming out.  More games, more apps, and more passwords to remember. That’s how I got to wondering what the most relevant statistics about passwords are.


We have a brand new survey from ExpressVPN, showing us how often people forget their passwords and how much time they actually spend resetting them. Usually, one resets a password when a large hack happens, like the leaked Whatsapp account data this fall or the big Yahoo hack with billions of accounts compromised. 

Time adds up

And it turns out that the time needed to change passwords adds up to quite a bit. ExpressVPN’s survey shows that, on average, people spend 3 minutes and 46 seconds resetting a password each time it’s forgotten. Also, people use the same account to log into multiple services, like the Google one for Play Games on Android.

ExpressVPN did the survey I keep mentioning on 8000 people in the UK, USA, France, or Germany. We also learned from it a shocking figure: 52% of US respondents reset their passwords at least once a month. France is also close, with 53%, and the UK sits at 50%. 

Who are the most forgetful people?

Germans have more faith in their passwords, with only 35% resetting the password at least once per month. There are also extreme cases, with 21% saying that they reset passwords more than once a week. And wait, it gets crazier! 14% of these folks do it once a day!

And the most forgetful of them is the 4% of people doing more than four resets daily. This equals 103 hours per year.

Most forgotten passwords

Apparently banking is first, with 30% as the type of password we forget most often. Second spot is social media, than shopping online and utility sites. Gaming is close to last, at 8%. 

Well, at least there are encouraging figures: 3/4 out of the surveyed people know the answer to the security questions already set, usually related to the mother’s maiden name or first pet. 

How to solve it? 

In order to get rid of all this hassle, the password manager comes into play. Experts may frown upon this tool, but it’s still a bulletproof way to store passwords, thanks to its high level encryption. Honestly, for me, the best thing about them is the fact that they fill all fields in a site, giving access to login data. 

In the end we can’t help but ask you: how often do YOU forget your password? How about resetting it? How often do you reset it? Also if you saved those dozens of minutes of password changing annoyance, you could gain more time. You can use that to spend time with your family, read a book, try a new hobby. 

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