How to Find Someone’s Email Address With Phone Number

The beauty of the modern world is that access to the internet makes it fast and easy to find information. While traditional information is easy to find on search engines like Google, it’s possible to find information about people with more refined search methods. Examples of refined search methods include advanced Google searches, social media searches, and people search engines.

That said, when it comes to finding someone’s email address from a phone number, it’s always best to use a reverse phone lookup tool like You’ll find all of the information you need in only a few minutes. Still, it’s important to cover all of the methods to help you identify someone with their phone number.

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Is It Possible to Find Someone’s Email With a Phone Number? 

Yes, it is possible to find an email address from a phone number. Email addresses and phone numbers are public information unless there are specific encryptions. However, finding them isn’t always easy when you don’t know where to look. It’s also important to note that the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has some rules against searches and background checks.

Is It Possible to Find Email Addresses From Phone Numbers Outside of the United States?

Yes and no. It’s not always possible to find email addresses from outside the country. Plus, it depends on the phone number of people to reach you. That said, people search engines and Google searches are the best options for looking up non-US phone numbers and email addresses.

Is It Legal to Find Someone’s Email Address From a Phone Number?

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA), finding someone’s email address using their phone number is legal. The only time it’s illegal to search for someone is if they express to you that they don’t want you to look for them. Additionally, it’s illegal to run background checks on employees, domestic helpers, and people who have a court order against you. Always consult with a lawyer if you’re unsure before searching for someone’s email.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address From a Phone Number 

There are a few ways to find someone’s email with a phone number. Unfortunately, some options are better than others, and trying everything is a waste of time. To help you enhance your search, we’ll take you through the three fastest ways to find someone with a phone number.

1. People Search

First and foremost, we’ll begin with has a unique reverse phone lookup service. The tool allows you to enter someone’s phone number and perform a search. When you enter the number and perform a search, you’ll find a lot of personal information about them.

With an people search, you’ll gain access to the following data when you open a full report:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email addresses
  • Home addresses
  • Additional phone numbers
  • Court records
  • Criminal records
  • Traffic records
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records
  • Information about family and spouses
  • Sex offender status

Depending on the person you are looking for, you’ll find all or some of this information. Essentially, allows you to run a full background check on someone using only their phone number.

This makes the fastest way to find someone’s email address with only a phone number. In fact, the entire search process only takes a few minutes.

2. Google Search

Google is another helpful search engine for finding information. As the largest search engine in the world, it has information about anyone with an online presence. The biggest issue with a Google search is that finding someone’s email address from a phone number is a tall task.

You’ll need to run an advanced Google search to narrow down your search options. Advanced Google searches allow you to search for specific keywords like “email” and “phone number.” To run an advanced Google search, you have to place the keywords you want to be refined within quotation marks.

Still, Google is hit or miss because there are so many options. It does help to have the name of the person you’re searching for and some additional information. All that said, we recommend using an alternative like’s reverse phone lookup tool instead.

3. Call the Number

Calling the number is a great way to learn more about someone. When you call the number, the call will get picked up or go to voicemail. If the call goes to voicemail, listen for a name and additional contact information. From there, you can enter what you find into a people search engine, social media, or Google.

On the other hand, if someone picks up, you can ask them for their email address. If you get in touch with someone’s office or assistant, you can ask them for the phone number. However, this option may not be the best if you want to stay anonymous.

4. Social Media

The last simple way to find someone’s email address from a phone number is to check social media profiles. Some platforms like Facebook allow you to search for users with their email, address, or phone number. As long as they have this information connected to their account, you can search for their email address on the social media platform.

Keep in mind that some people won’t have their email attached to their social media profiles. In these cases, we recommend using the information you learn from their profile to perform a detailed people search with

Why It’s Important to Find Someone’s Email Using a Phone Number 

Finding someone’s email with a phone number is important for several reasons. Having access to someone’s email gives you another way to contact them, which is helpful for people who don’t answer the phone. Having someone’s email is also a great way to learn more about them and their identity.

Some other reasons it’s important to find someone’s email with a phone number include:

  • Identify verification
  • Alternate contact methods
  • More access to company products
  • Email lists
  • Sending vital information that isn’t suitable for voicemail
  • Background checks

Depending on why you need to search for someone, some or all of this information will apply. 

Find Someone’s Email Today!

It’s never been easier to find information about someone. The Information Age we live in has made data a common commodity, and you can learn almost anything you want with search engines like Google.

While Google is the best for learning information and finding websites, it’s not the best for learning about people. When you want to find someone’s email address from their phone number, it’s better to use a more refined search engine that’s designed for people. offers its users exactly that.

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