Learn numerous applications in our smartphones that we love using for various everyday tasks

Everyone has a smartphone. Even elders, who are said to be the most resistant to change, have a smartphone they use daily. And because technology is evolving even more and more, smartphones are more and more performant and powerful. In some cases and for some tasks, they can easily replace the laptop, tablet, and even photo camera. Over 6.3 billion people have a smartphone these days, which makes up about 80% of the world population. 

Smartphones are nice. They help us connect with our friends and families. They help us take photos, send emails, have video calls, keep track of our to-do list, find books to read, and many more. Apps are developed every year to make our lives easier and use them for everyday tasks. So, which are some of the nicest apps, and how they can help you?


If you like being organized and having an overview of all the tasks you want to do, then Wunderlist is the app you are looking for. It is popular among all age groups as it helps people organize their lists however they want. You can also share your lists with other people and personalize each of them. Besides Wunderlist, there are many other apps you can use for list keeping, such as Google Keep. 


If people use apps for keeping the shopping list online and share it with their family or partner, it is because having everything online is easier. Because you always have your smartphone with you. The same goes for your task list. Trello is a nice app that allows you to visually organize your tasks, apply labels, add deadlines and reminders, and mark them depending on the urgency. Many people use Trello at the workplace, but it can also be used at home. 


Do you happen to come across many interesting things online? Or wise words in the books you are reading? Or maybe someone said something inspiring during a speech at TedTalk. Well, if you want to keep all these words that mean something to you, you could use Evernote. It is an app that is mostly used by students as it helps them with note-taking. So, if you want an app to organize your notes and store them, then this one is loved by its users. 


Traveling from one place to another is something we all do. People take the bus to go to a mall, others need to visit other cities as part of their job. And Waze is the most popular app that suggests you take the right road. The best thing about it is that it takes into consideration rush hours, so its suggestions help you avoid traffic jams. 


The effect of the blue light becomes more and more obvious to many people. Spending time in front of the TV, laptop, or smartphone seriously affects your sleep. People use to scroll their social media news feeds to fall asleep, but it is exactly that blue light that prevents their brains from entering sleep mode. So, to protect your eyes from the strain of this light, you could install Flux on your phone. It is also available for computers. Flux adjusts the light of your smartphone to match the day or night. Thus, it makes the light warmer or dimmer and this helps you more than you think. 


Do you love reading? Are you always in search of a perfect book for your mood? Then Goodreads is the app that will make this easier. It is used by many people every day as it helps them organize their reading lists. You have bookshelves and you can set reading goals, update your reading progress, and rate and review books. On top of this, there are many groups where you can connect with people alike that love reading the same genres as you. 


Who does not love listening to music? Everyone listens to music because it is a part of every culture on the globe. There are 41 primary genres of music and within those, over 300 music subgenres. Artists are emerging every year and subgenres as well. People listen to music when they are traveling, cooking, and even working. And the most popular music app is Spotify. There are over 70 million tracks on Spotify, so you can discover a lot of new songs. Among these, you will come across podcasts too, which are strongly rising in popularity. 


Managing your finances may be one of the most challenging tasks, especially if you do not keep track of your expenses. Many people use Mint to do this and it is one of the apps that is used every day. You can add all your expenses in the app and you will get personalized charts for every month. Like this, you can keep track of how you spent your money and you become more aware of it. This will help you reduce costs and manage your finances better. 

Dark Sky 

If you want to know how the weather will be, then Dark Sky is one of the best apps. It accurately predicts the weather for every hour. This is especially useful to people who live in regions where the weather is changing frequently. 


About 80% of the world’s population has a smartphone. And with smartphones, there come many apps that make people’s lives easier. And for sure there is an app for everything you could think of. There are apps where you can find the latest songs and podcasts. Some apps help you organize your tasks and lists. Some apps help you find your next book or to check how the weather will be. You can manage your finances and your time better with the help of an app. And all these make your everyday life more pleasant, relaxed, and organized. 
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