Mysterious Xiaomi Phone Gets Leaked, With Dual Back Camera

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You must have noticed that when we don’t have any concept phones received via email, we resort to prototypes, designs and leaks. Well, the latter is here today, with a leak of a mystery Xiaomi phone, shown below.

xiaomi mystery phone

It has a dual camera at the back, which is a trend I last saw on various iPhone 6s and OnePlus 2 renders, plus the real Huawei Honor 6 Plus. I see that the phone ha s a glossy back, so it probably has a glass back. It seems pretty slim and the frame is made of metal. My speculation is that at the bottom there’s an USB Type C port and there’s a dual LED flash between the two cameras.

Judging by the way the light reflects here, the handset seems a bit curved. The smartphone is narrow, elongated and feels a bit like a phablet, rather than a regular phone. I can’t understand why phone makers insist on integrating dual cameras… It’s true that refocusing and applying bokeh effects is pretty cool, but is that all we can dream of optic-wise?

[via GSMDome]

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