Pouria Riyahi Presents the Microsoft Lumia 940 New Vision

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I’m fascinated by the amount of love Windows Phone is getting from designers. I mean, they must love the platform or the Lumia hardware, since they keep imagining new models, like the one below. The Microsoft Lumia 940 has been rendered again, this time by Pouria Riyahi, who did a fine job at it. Let’s see what’s new!

microsoft lumia 940 concept pouria 5

First of all, the designer is not afraid of a beefier approach, with a massive handse, filled with metal and plastic. We’re dealing with a 5.2 incher here, that’s supposed to feature an iris scanner, as well as a 20 megapixel main camera and a secondary 5 MP selfie shooter. Windows 10 for Mobile is obviously the OS. This phone has Dolby acoustics, 3D Touch, a triple LED flash as rumored and Zeiss optics.

microsoft lumia 940 concept pouria 1

The phone lens is square, in a way that resembles the Windows logo. As you can see, the Microsoft Lumia 940 concept is slightly curved, for a better grip in the user’s hand. The back design features “soft lines” and the overall format was “inspired by diamonds”, according to Pouria Riyahi. The outer frame is made of aluminum and the upper and lower portions are angled, thus including a larger speaker and bigger screen.

There are two notification LEDs embedded within the Start button  and overall, this beefy model feels like a handset that would belong in a Transformers movie, turning into that little annoying robot.

microsoft lumia 940 concept pouria 4

microsoft lumia 940 concept pouria 3

microsoft lumia 940 concept pouria 2

[via Pouria]

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  • moonlight

    Its very good :)))

  • Isaiah

    Hi, to be honest this design is not looking nice.Even the 930 looks better.The specs are just ok but the design is the issue here.Infact the rectangula shape behind (camera) is making it look worse it can even get a curse. Atleast if it were round.Secondly, there is no I.R blaster why?
    This phone is not H2O proof and dust why? Cake not worth the candle. You can do better.
    To all the Lumia designers please make sure that the 940 is:

    -Water & dust Proof
    -Should have I.R blaster

    These look useless but are important because:

    What If a child damaged the remote or I lost it or someone store it ? The phone will be the remote.
    What if my Lumia 940 accidentally dropped into the water or a child got it without me knowing & dropped it into the water then what’s next? Then it would be time to cry & fill a 20L bucket with my tears because the money I spent has gone to waste and has lost its taste. Stay blessed.