OnePlus 3 Fresh Live Pictures Leaked Online

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We’re a bit over a week away from the launch of the OnePlus 3 and as usual, there’s a new set of leaks to prepare us for the debut. The handset is shown with a transparent case and keeps the typical design we’ve seen in past leaks.

oneplus 3 new leak 2016 june (1)

I have to say it’s a pretty generic design I know I’ve said it before), with a typical rounded metal chassis, typical antenna lines and oval Home button. The advantage from the OnePlus 2 is the slim waistline, but I don’t see any other appealing aspect here. The camera protrudes slightly and has the typical design seen on HTC and Huawei.

oneplus 3 new leak 2016 june (2)

People will be hard pressed to discern between this model and the HTC One A9 if the OnePlus 3 indeed has a small diagonal. It’s true that it’s hard to innovate nowadays, but look at HTC: in their desperation to get rid of the HTC One M9 curse, they used chamfered back edges on HTC 10 and some people seem to like them… apparently.

Why didn’t OnePlus take chances?

oneplus 3 new leak 2016 june (3)

oneplus 3 new leak 2016 june (4)

[via GSMArena]

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