Samsung Galaxy Note 5 versus Galaxy Note 6/7 in Schematics Form

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Leave it to good old @OnLeaks to provide some very detailed schematics and CAD renders of upcoming phones. Below you can check out a series of shots that compare the Galaxy Note 6 to the Galaxy S7 and to the Galaxy Note 5.

galaxy note 5 versus galaxy note 6  2

From what I can see the camera protrusion on the Note 6 is smaller that the one of the Galaxy Note 5. The curve of the sides is more clear on the Note 5, than on the Note 6 and the camera also seems to be placed higher. Compared to the Galaxy S7, the new phablet seems a bit more squared, at least at the top side of the back. Also the camera protrusion is even smaller than on the S7 and the whole camera  seems a tad smaller overall.

galaxy note 5 versus galaxy note 6

Samsung keeps adding curves to the sides, more and more, so may end up with a cylindrical-looking handset in a few years, maybe. There’s really no way to predict what the Galaxy S8 will be like, but at least we have the general lines of the Note 6. I can’t say I’m impressed or underwhelmed by this design, since it’s just… predictable and derived from a hybrid of the S7+Note 5.

Galaxy S7 versus Galaxy Note 6

galaxy note 5 versus galaxy note 6 3

[via @OnLeaks]

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