PUBG Mobile tips and tricks: How to survive and win a battle royale

Are you new to the world of PUBG? Do you want to improve your game-playing skills for PUBG mobile? If yes, a set of useful tips and tricks can help you out. These tips will enhance your skills instantly. So, no matter if you are a pro-player or a seasoned player, these tips can help you a lot.

Tips for improving your game play in PUBG mobile

  1. Wear helmet

When playing PUBG, you need to keep the helmet on. After tolerating enough damages, the helmet will fall off. In this case, you need to find another helmet and put that on. Playing without any helmet makes you more vulnerable. You also become an easy target for the snipers. Finding a leveled-up helmet acts like bliss. It will keep you safe from direct headshots.

  1. Third-person view

You can use the third-person view to check the area around yourself without getting exposed. The player can look over buildings, hills, and slopes while using this view without being spotted by the enemies. Moreover, you can also peek over walls and around trees to check the location of your enemies, which you are still under cover. So, to move forward in this game safely, use the third-person view before making any move.

  1. Apply bandages instead of medkits

You should use your bandages instead of the medkits when you have enough time. This tip only works when you are not in any firefight. Bandages heal you slowly, so you cannot use them during an emergency. By using your excess bandages, you are saving some of your medkits which you can use for emergency purposes.

  1. Stay alert around stairs

When your enemies are hiding inside a building that includes stairs, you need to be extra careful. There may be enemies hiding at the top of the stairs. In this position, preventing the attack can be very difficult. Thus, there are greater chances of you getting killed. That is why you are suggested to avoid such situations altogether. You can also buy PUBG Hacks from different online websites. 

  1. Use stairs for attacking

When you enter an empty building, you can use the stairs as your camping spot and target the enemies. Thus, stairs are great spots for campers and very dangerous for players trying to clear out the building. If you are hiding on the stairs, no one can get a vision of your position. On the contrary, you can always check each and every movement of your enemies, and they become an easy target for you.

  1. Not killing downed players instantly

Usually, after knocking down a player, we kill him instantly. Instead of following your basic instinct, you can hold and check their movements. When a player is downed, he panics and tries to get help by crawling to his teammates. This will expose the location of his hidden teammates. So, always check the movements of a downed player and plan accordingly. But make sure that the player gets killed before finding any cover.

  1. Stay close to your teammates

Staying with your team is very important for a game like PUBG. Even if your teammates are not your friends or do not communicate well, staying with them will always give you some advantages. Your teammates can even bring you back if you die between any battles. Thus, it is always better to play with a team than alone.

  1. Choose weapons correctly

Never get too attached to a single weapon. You need to change your weapons according to the situation. For example, while looting a building, you should use a shotgun, and when you are outside, an assault rifle will work the best. So, experiment with the guns and keep updating them. 

  1. Stay focused for long distance shots

When you plan to take long-distance shots, you need to be careful. You should use slow fires and a solid base to adjust the gun. Only three headshots and four body shots are enough to kill a player from a long distance. So, make every shot count. If you fail to do so, your enemies will detect your location and launch counterattacks.

  1. Auto-running feature

If you are about to cover a long distance by running, you can always use the auto-run feature. This will give your hands the required break. 


These are all the useful tips that will help you survive and master PUBG mobile. You should also practice your skills and try different strategies to survive longer in this game. PUBG mobile is a fun game, full of adventure, so do not forget to enjoy it. 

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