Recommended: Free but Powerful File Recovery Software (support for recovering phone files)

Most of you have probably experienced the loss of important documents, accidental deletion of important data, and so on, especially when you are about to submit a final report or important company documents, which can make you even more nervous. If your files are accidentally deleted or the disk is accidentally formatted, try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard ! In addition to supporting the recovery of your USB flash drive, TF/SD memory card, it can also recover files from your mobile device, so if you are in a hurry to recover your lost files, don’t panic we will take it step by step.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard provides free file recovery for 2GB, over 2GB you need to pay for it. But you don’t have to worry about not being able to recover your files after paying for them. In EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can make sure that your files are found on the disk before you choose to pay for the full version, which is more secure.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard tutorial:

After opening the recovery software , basically, unless you have a specific type of file format you want to recover, you can just check “scan”.

You can see that all of our disks have been read in the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. If you only deleted the files by mistake, then click “Scan” on the page. If you have files after formatting or files are too old, we recommend to use the “deep scan”, and the software will automatically go through the disk contents reorganization to try to recover the contents of your files.

If you are a “formatted” user, or if your files are too old, we recommend to use Deep Scan, which will automatically go to the disk to try to reorganize the contents of your files and find out what we deleted. If you are a free user, you can also purchase the full version to recover the files from this menu after confirming that you found the files you want to recover. If your file happens to be under 2GB, congratulations! You can recover for free, which is really awesome!

Once you have found it, “check” the file you want to recover, and then select the folder on your computer where you want to save it.

The recovery speed is also very fast, a single file of 1.9GB takes about 15 seconds to complete.

After testing, the file can be opened and fully played.

Test 2: Formatted “multi” file recovery

Formatting is much more difficult than “accidental deletion”, and if you are a friend who accidentally “formatted”, then you need to click on “Deep Scan” to recover it. Select the disk we need to recover the data from in the scan menu.

Then the system will start scanning, and you can see the approximate time of completion in the status bar.

When the scan is done, a bunch of folders will appear, and you can recover as many as you want by selecting them all.

After that, select the folders you want to store in the same location.

You can see that most of the files you just put in there have been recovered.


However, I would like to remind you that file recovery software is one more chance to recover a file that has been written to the flash drive many times or formatted many times, the chance of recovery is much lower. After all, the 2GB free recovery is really a blessing from Buddha’s heart, because often the important files are not that big, and it is really easy to lose files. If the files are too large, you can also choose to “scan” the files you want and then pay for the purchase, which is very flexible.

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