Seven Best Ways to Use Students’ Smartphones for Learning in 2021

While smartphones might have been considered a distraction in the traditional classroom, the updated variant includes smartphone learning. Not only can students learn new lessons through gaming, but they can also learn how to create videos, collaborate, and share on online platforms, and use various learning apps for fun. Today, we’ll talk about how students can use smartphones in the classroom, and how you can guide them through as a teacher. But first, let’s see why the updated classroom variant includes uses technology as the main aid. 

Why is Technology Effective in the Classroom?

Here are some of the most important reasons why technology is being introduced in the classroom.

  • Technology creates an engaging environment where students and teachers actively learn from each other. Monotonous, otherwise dull subjects are being transformed – they’re now fun and engaging. 
  • An education based on technology will incorporate different learning styles and adjust with the student, whereas the traditional classroom can be biased towards some individuals.
  • Collaboration increases, since students are now able to ask for online help from teachers, peers, or any other entity. For example, some students use academic assignment writing help online to get US history homework help. In any case, this is a great way to learn outside the classroom and get active, constructive feedback from someone other than your teacher. It helps you understand grammatical errors in more depth and help you not repeat them. Plus, if you’re tired and not in the mood for writing, they can help you get your paper done in one or two days. 
  • Technology can also better prepare children for their future careers. By using technologies such as AR, VR and AI in the classroom, for example, students can now try out their favorite career paths in the virtual world. If they’re not satisfied with the outcome, they can change their life direction in a split second; they no longer must wait years until they switch from career A to career B. They get the answers they were looking for from an early age, helping them become real, successful professionals in the future. 

What Are Seven of the Best Ways to Use Smartphones in the Classroom?

  1. Students can develop their own classroom hubs online since they can now create websites for free. Not only will they learn a new skill, but they will also be able to communicate on such platforms. For example, Google hub or Google Classroom has such an app. 
  2. Smartphones can act as reminders for students. Most students forget about due dates and project deadlines. Smartphones help them remember these important things. They can easily download the Remind app, for example, and get live notifications on what they must do for school. 
  3. Students can learn how to make videos on their own. Every smartphone features a well-designed camera, so students can now create their own videos. If they’re Apple users, for example, they could use iMovie to create their own life stories and then present them to the class. They could also learn how to work with manipulatives and create other similar simple videos. 
  4. Students can learn through various online games. There are many websites out there that provide this option for students, so this is a great place to start. Check out websites such as Quizlet Live or Kahoot! Then pick the one you like most and share it with the classroom. I’m sure your students will get involved in this learning activity. 
  5. Teachers can interact with students on various platforms. There are multiple ways to interact with your students but one of the most widely used one today is Zoom. You could also use Google forms or Google Chat to communicate important things to your students.
  6. Students can record lessons. There are so many things to write down in one lesson that students might become overwhelmed with information. By using smartphones, they can now record lessons and be updated on everything all the time. This can make classroom time more effective and your students better prepared.
  7. Students can listen to podcasts and watch interesting videos. Not only will they learn by listening to your lessons, but they can also watch interesting videos online on websites such as Kahn Academy. Plus, students have access to podcasts, which can be helpful for extra information on any topic.

Wrapping Up

As a teacher, you’ve got to keep up with the new trends and stay updated on the latest news. There are many reasons why smartphones are effective in the classroom, so check them out and then make a calculated decision to integrate them into your lesson plans. Good luck!

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