Sharp Launches The Most Beautiful Phone in the World: Aquos Crystal

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I know we usually deal with concepts of phones here, but what can you do when a company makes a device that’s even better than the renders we’ve seen lately? Sharp has just launched the Aquos Crystal and Crystal X handsets, both pictured below and both looking stunning. I’ve been following your comments, both on Google+ and on this site and there’s a bit of a current against edge to edge smartphones nowadays…

Sharp Aquos Crystal 2

Even in the comments of other articles written about these phones, people complain about the small bezels. They claim that they hurt ergonomics and the comfort of holding a device, plus the problems of accidental touches are also mentioned. Then there’s the fact that exposing a screen this way makes the device more fragile. However, if we take into account the use of a case and the best Sapphire Glass and latest Gorilla Glass evolutions, breaking the glass shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Accidental touches? There’s software to ignore them! I should mention that Sharp not only made the bezels as narrow as possible on the sides, but also at the top. You can’t even see the earpiece and the front camera seems to have been moved to the bottom, as well as what appear to be sensors. How cool is that? By the way, the shot above is a hands on one, so these are not all renders.

Stunning or not? I say yes! I should also mention that these models are a bit on the thick side, so sacrifices had to be made…

Sharp Aquos Crystal 1

Sharp Aquos Crystal 8

Sharp Aquos Crystal 7

Sharp Aquos Crystal 6

Sharp Aquos Crystal 5

Sharp Aquos Crystal 4

Sharp Aquos Crystal 3

[via Phone Arena]

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