Tablets Best Suited to Writers

For those of us who write it can be a difficult switch to leave the typical keyboard behind and try out a tablet.  Here are a few options that may provide you with some better idea of what’s available and perhaps help you make the switch.

Microsoft Surface Pro

For those with a large budget it’s worth considering the Surface Pro, a genuine competitor to Apple who have dominated the market for years.  If you want a stylus you can buy a Surface pen to use.

The Surface Pro gives you the feeling of a full computing experience both at home and on the go.  As long as software supports windows you can install it on to this tablet, making printing etc. less of a chore.

It’s a bit chunkier than most tablets and the battery isn’t great so requires you to carry a charger with you.  This means travelling with the Surface Pro is tricky.

Apple iPad Pro

You cannot give a list of top technologies for writers without Apple being there.  For those who already use a Mac or similar Apple product, this is the perfect tablet as you are already familiar with how the software operates and can seamlessly transfer all date via cloud storage to this device.  For those wanting a stylus you will need to pay extra for an Apple Pencil.

“It’s super-fast browsing speeds, all-day battery life and superb audio quality make this the perfect tablet for writers who are on the go,” explains Sarah Manby, a marketing manager at Boom Essays and State of writing.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The previous version of the surface pro provides many similar features but doesn’t have some of the nicer touches of the 7 like the haptic feedback from the keyboard but it is definitely a good choice for those who don’t mind some slight concessions in usability for a cheaper choice.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

“Perfect for multitasking this lightweight tablet is intuitive to use and easy to transport so you can write whenever the mood strikes,” shares Benjamin Turner, a business writer at Oxessays review and Paper Fellows.

It has 32GB of internal storage and a fantastic processor so you can be guaranteed this tablet can deal with whatever workload you are dealing with.  As an added bonus, the Galaxy Tab includes the s-pen, Samsung’s stylus, that is a delight to use.  It is recommended though to buy the keyboard case separately to provide you storage for this stylus but also if you are going to want a keyboard to write.

Yes, unfortunately this device doesn’t come with a keyboard, however if you buy the case you will get a good experience of a nice to use and practical keyboard.

Lenovo Flex

Chunky and heavy this is a bit more laptop-like and the keyboard is not detachable. However, it provides a lot of power with great battery life.  It also includes a stylus and a privacy shutter that allows you to actually close the webcam when you’re not using it.

HP ProBook x360

A budget option that’s more laptop than tablet, but one that can fold in on itself creating a tablet-style experience.  It has a good 6-8-hour battery life and while not super fancy provides a decent keypad for writers.

Microsoft Surface Go

A convertible tablet/laptop with a detachable keyboard that provides a good writing experience with the flexibility of a tablet.  It has all the key features a writer needs while being slightly more accessible than its Pro equivalents.

ASUS Zenpad 10

A good budget day-to-day device that provides 100GB of google drive storage for a year on purchase.  The keypad provides some haptic feedback and battery life is impressive at around 11 hours.

Samsung SM Tab S4

This doesn’t include a keyboard either but does include the S-pen but it has a very good battery life.  It runs on android so software will not be identical to that on a windows device, however most basic software and applications will be available.

Samsung Chromebook Plus

Another laptop that folds in on itself providing a tablet-like experience.  The hardware is decent and runs on its very own software of Chrome OS.  It comes with a pen which is a plus, though this isn’t as comfortable to use as some of the high-end models.  The keyboard however more than makes up for this and the compactness of the device makes it a great on the go option.

Overall, there are quite a few options out there for writers who want a flexible writing experience and are looking to switch to using a tablet.  For a complete experience, it does benefit to be willing to shell out some extra cash to get the best on the market but there are some decent budget options available.

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