University Mobile Apps: Features and imperfection

Apps are ruling our lives. And we have access to them thanks to the evolution of technology. Smartphones are now the most used devices in the world. And students are among the age groups that use them most frequently. About 98% of Gen Z owns a smartphone, a staggering number. But this might not be so surprising when you think about their openness towards new things, being apps, devices, gadgets, or experiences.

They are also the ones that are studying in college today. So, universities might look for ways to engage them even more in campus life. And they can do this by creating a university mobile app. Which are the functionalities it should have? What are students looking for in an app like this? Let’s find out!

University Mobile Apps

The digitalization of the educational environment was triggered by the global pandemic. As it forced colleges and campuses to close, classes have shifted to the virtual world. This helped many universities identify the needs of students when it comes to learning, engagement, and motivation.

As many campuses reopen their doors to students, the need for a university mobile app increases tremendously. There are a lot of activities that take place on the campus. On top of this, students need to have access to services designed especially for them. It would be great to have all these in one place, an app designed by the university.

Instant Access to Anything

When you think about college apps and the features they should have, a few of them might come to mind. Giving students who want to learn within the university access to any detail they might need is important. A university app should have features that encourage students to study and pursue their academic goals but also get involved in campus activities.

Students should have, through the university app, the option of enrolling in courses. They should have the guidelines and map they need to find the locations within the campus they are looking for. They should have the option of paying their fees online or attending campus events.

A lot of activities take place within a campus, many of them designed for first-year students. It would be a pity to miss them as they can introduce students to college life. Students use applications as often as scholarship essay writing service because they understand the benefits of using them for themselves. And because they love to have access instantly to anything, as we live in the era of technology.

What to Care For

Many universities tried to build their app in-house. Students began using it, but after a few weeks, many of them said that the app is not useful. When an app is not useful, it gets deleted. And you want to raise the engagement and motivation of students now when they are returning to campus. For this, you need a well-built app that meets the needs of students.

Most of the time, universities choose to develop these apps in-house. Many of them have a computer science program and students that want to expand their skills by working on the university app. These apps are nice, but they might have some imperfections. And working on the app to raise it to the expected standards might take some time. You need to take care of the interface first. It should be user-friendly, eye-candy, and easy to use. The app should be a great source of information regarding the campus and classes, but it should also be a way of communication with the university. Students might need to book some appointments with professors or staff at the university. They might need some documents. They might need to pay their fees or even raise an issue. And a university app should offer all these functionalities so that the app can raise the engagement of students.

Final Thoughts

University mobile apps are a must, especially during these times when students are returning to campuses. They got used to learning online and having instant access to any information during the past few years. So, to help them navigate the campus and the years of study easily, you could build a university app. It should make the communication between students and the university easier, but also engage students in the activities that take place on the campus.

Bio lines: Cory Shilling is a content writer and journalist. He is passionate about technology, artificial intelligence, and psychology. You can find Cory reading a self-development book.

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