Xiaomi Mi 5 Press Renders Leak: Very Rounded Design and Also Very Colorful

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We’ve been impatiently waiting for the Xiaomi Mi 5 and following its leaks, because Xiaomi is the name to follow right now and they may just create the next Big Thing. The Mi 5 has just leaked again, this time in press renders, that showed up in a variety of colors.

Xiaomi Mi 5 press render leak 1

Notice how this model adopts the curved edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge, but doesn’t go all the way, only being content with slightly curving the glass to the sides. This model is supposed to be some sort of a flagship, one that comes pretty late in comparison with the models that Samsung, LG, HTC and other big names offered in 2015.

Xiaomi Mi 5 press render leak 2

It will actually come in 2016, with a Snapdragon 820 CPU, a 5.2 inch screen that can be a Quad HD or Full HD one, 4 GB of RAM and what promises to be a kickass 16 megapixel back camera. We also get an oval Home button a la Galaxy S and a crazy good price tag of $387 for the 16 GB model according to rumors. Judging by the images, this model seems to sport a glass back and front, plus a slim metal frame.

Xiaomi Mi 5 press render leak 3

Xiaomi Mi 5 press render leak 4

Xiaomi Mi 5 press render leak 5

[via GSMDome and Phone Arena]

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