Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Gets Teased in Partial Render

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Xiaomi’s Mi Pad tablet was a decent slate, but one plagued by incompatibility issues with various apps and games, on account of the CPU it used. Otherwise, it was a solid device, that’s bound to get a follow-up soon. That model is tentatively called Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and it’s just been teased by a company official.

xiaomi mi pad 2 teaser

Xiaomi President Lin Bin is behind this scheduled render leak and the tablet seems to adopt a familiar format. Its corner, viewed in the image above resembles the Nokia N1 a bit, as well as the iPad Mini. It’s certainly fancier than the glossy and plasticky first gen Mi Pad. It also gives us hope for a small waistline, albeit hopefully not by sacrificing the battery.

The device comes with a camera without flash and two microphones at the back. We expect a 7.9 inch screen to be here, with a Retina level resolution, 2 GB of RAM, maybe 3 or maybe even 4 GB, plus 16 GB of storage at least. It will be interesting to see what CPU will be inside: Qualcomm, Intel, Tegra or MediaTek?

[via Tablet News]

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