Lucas F Silva Imagines the Nokia Lumia Watch and Nokia Lumia Aquaman Phone

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In spite of the growing number of smartwatches on the market, concepts of Lumia watches are in less numbers than one can count on a hand’s fingers. Lucas F. Silva from Brazil saves the day, by showing us an interesting Nokia Lumia Watch and the Nokia Lumia Aquaman phone.

Lumia Watch 3

The design of the Lumia smartwatch keeps the Lumia phone series styling and adopts a square body, that’s pretty thick. The sides are all metal and the belt seems to be made of a colored rubber. I’m not sure that placing a physical button at the top is a good idea though… There’s also a huge button at the bottom, probably a volume one, or is it a lid of sorts? At the side there’s a microUSB port of sorts, or maybe a slot. Lacking details from the designer, we can only speculate.

The phone looks pretty basic, but it totally strays from the Fabula Design area. Nokia Lumia Aquaman is very slim and its sides are very shiny, making me think about a glass surface of sorts. The back camera is big, but not as big as on the Lumia 1020, certainly and at least this time the camera is not protruding. I like the side texture and gloss very much, I have to admit…

Nokia Lumia Aquaman 3

Lumia Watch 4

Lumia Watch

Nokia Lumia Aquaman 2

Nokia Lumia Aquaman 4

Nokia Lumia Aquaman

[Thanks Lucas F. Silva]

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