Lumia 950 Prototype Rendered by Lucas Silva

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It’s September now, so we’re at most a month away from the unveiling of the first Windows 10 Mobile flagships, including one or two Lumias obviously. In the meantime, we have a look at a brand new Lumia 950 prototype, that’s shown in the image below. This concept was created by Lucas Silva.

Lumia 950 prototype design 1

He doesn’t specify if this is the phablet Lumia, the so called XL model or the regular smartphone. The device sports the triple LED flash setup, as well as a very interesting shiny ring around the camera, while the actual camera lens is much smaller than we expect for a 2015 phone, especially one with Pureview tech. The back is slightly curved to the sides a la Galaxy Note 5, but that becomes much less apparent on the white version.

Lumia 950 prototype design 2

The facade is pretty much typical for a Lumia and on the screen clearly see Windows 10 for Mobile, albeit in an older version, since Microsoft Edge isn’t even there and it’s called Project Spartan still. Does this fit your expectations from a modern Lumia 950?

Lumia 950 prototype design 3

[via Lucas Silva]

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