Lumia Yega Render Seems Like a Tribute to the Nokia Twist

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Micheal Muleba has rendered a new handset, a Lumia concept phone this time. It doesn’t look like your typical smartphone, but rather like a feature phone, with a… twist. The designer claims this is a tribute for the Nokia Twist.

Lumia Yega concept 1

I looked up Nokia Twist and found it was a pretty strange pager-like square handset, that was clearly destined for teens. This time, the phone is more elongated and massive, plus it comes with a QWERTY keyboard. Its mid portion rotates and the screen area is an edge to edge one. The product runs Windows Phone or better said Windows 10 Mobile.

Lumia Yega concept 2

The handset shows a full screen upfront, but once the lower side is rotated, the QWERTY keyboard comes into play. It’s an interesting design, but I can’t understand what happens if the keyboard at the back gets pressed by mistake. Maybe it’s a touch keyboard?

[Thanks Micheal Muleba]

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