Microsoft/Nokia Mercury Tablet Render Leaks Out of Cancelled Devices Obituary

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Famous leakster @evleaks has leaked a new device model, but this time it’s a tablet, not a smartphone. It’s dubbed Nokia/Microsoft Mercury and it’s shown below. It basically looks like a bigger Lumia phone.


The presumed tablet had a 7 inch diagonal before Microsoft decided to can it. Some even say it may have ended up as the rumored Surface Mini model. Its case is made of polycarbonate and is colored blue. On the side we seem to be getting an extra button, that’s placed too strangely to be a camera button. Anyway, there’s also a slot or a tray with a lid on the opposite site.


It probably serves for the microSD/micro SIM card slot. This device looks like a bigger Lumia 1520 and seems to have a pretty generous camera. Portrait orientation is pretty clear. If you ask me, Microsoft could use an iPad Mini-style Lumia like this Nokia Mercury slate. Why do you think they cancelled it?


[via Tablet News and @evleaks]

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