Nokia Transparent Phone Render Looks Stunning, is All Encased in Glass

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When I first saw this design, I couldn’t believe it was done this summer and somehow I missed it. Using Rhinoceros and Keyshot, designer NDS WJ from China has created a transparent Nokia cellphone, as you can see below.

Nokia transparent cellphone render 1

We included only 4 shots in this article, but there are more on the artist’s Behance page. He opted for a device that’s encased in glass, which is something that Nokia has done before, if we’re being true to them. There’s a very strong feeling that I’m seeing here a design inspired by a lighter, yes the one you use to light up cigarettes.

Nokia transparent cellphone render 2

Also, the fact I can see a strong front camera with a beefy flash, makes me think that the top part rotates. This is a very narrow phone, that can just fit two columns of Windows Phone tiles, so it’s not very practical. It would have to be the same size as one of the smaller iPods, but the whole transparency thing is a very nice draw to it.

If this Nokia concept phone were bigger, it would be better…

Nokia transparent cellphone render 3

Nokia transparent cellphone render 4

[via Behance]

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