Nokia C1 Leaks Again, With Specs Included This Time

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I can’t say we were very impressed by the last leak of the Nokia C1, but here it comes again, this time in a picture that partially reveals its design, but also receiving some specs. You can find them out after the break.

nokia c1 new leak specs

Last I heard, Nokia was supposed to be launching this model with Android or Windows 10 Mobile, so two versions were ready for prime time. Tipsters also talked about two size versions and some even said to forget about it, since the project had been cancelled. Nokia C1 is now said to be featuring a 5 inch Full HD display, or a 5.5 inch screen with the same resolution in that other version.

32 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM are available on one model and 64 GB and 3 GB of RAM on the other. We’re also being treated to an 8 megapixel back shooter and a 5 MP front camera on the lower specced Nokia C1 and 13 MP/5 MP on the higher end one. Nokia is only allowed to launch a smartphone in Q4 2016, so it’s very early for such leaks.

[via nokiapoweruser]

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