Nokia C1 Makes a Comeback, With Windows 10 Mobile and Android Alternative

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Nokia C1 is a bit of a mythical creature, a smartphone inspired by the Nokia N1 tablet and made by Finnish Nokia, not the piece that dissolved into Microsoft. We’re shown this device here and now it’s back to probably trouble us some more with a fake render.

Nokia-C1 rumor render november 2015

What’s different? For starters, we’ve got two versions of the Nokia C1, one with Android and one with Windows 10. Seeing how Windows Phone basically lead to Nokia’s downfall (well, Symbian did that more), I doubt they’ll be too eager to put Windows 10 Mobile on a Nokia next gen handset. Lately more rumors have placed Meizu in cahoots with Nokia, so I’d rather see them making their hardware.

Part iPhone 5C, part Nokia N1 smaller version, this model clearly takes some chances by placing its camera in the corner. Instant accusations of copying the iPhone may appear. I’m guessing Nokia isn’t going to opt for Intel to power this baby…

[via pocketnow]

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