Phonify Concept Phone is a Spotify-Based Handset

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Rendered by Cishan Sik from Turkey, the Phonify handset has a very simple idea behind it: it’s a Spotify phone. It hinges on a simple design, with rounded top and bottom and feels a bit like the iPhone 3GS went on a diet.

Phonify Spotify concept phone 1

It has a Home button, a back camera with LED flash and a generous speaker at the back. The earpiece is also generous and the design feels rather metallic, with chrome edges. The designer didn’t provide any details about the hardware of this device, but I imagine it comes with a kickass headset, long battery life and from what I can see it adopts an edge to edge screen.

A Spotify subscription is obviously thrown in for free for life, if I’m allowed to speculate as much. Album premieres will also be available early and even some concert tickets. How about this for a music phone?

Phonify Spotify concept phone 2

Phonify Spotify concept phone 3

[via Behance]

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