Nokia 10 Inch Tablet Features 3D Camera

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Gregory Pizzatto, the designer behind the Nokia BlackBerry concept has done it again! This time he created a Nokia tablet, one that comes with a 10 inch display and a 3D camera. The model is available with a black piano finish or a silver one.

What’s a bit too much is the implementation of iOS on it, or at least of an interface that replicates perfectly the Apple platform. Also, the speakers on the silver version look a bit strange, as if they were copy-pasted on there. If I’m not mistaking, this slate comes with a virtual keyboard that’s separate from the main screen…

That’s an interesting idea, but the selling point of the Nokia tablet concept is the 3D camera at the back, with dual sensor and requiring 3D glasses to view the content. Do you dig this?

[via Gregory Pizzato]