Nokia BlackBerry Concept is 2015 Material

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Gregory Pizzatto couldn’t have found a better time to design this Nokia Touch BlackBerry concept, with the aim of the product being the year 2015. Right now both Nokia and RIM are struggling to find a direction and if they join heads and maybe also include Windows Phone in the mix they’ll make it…

Back to Gregory’s design, we can see here a Nokia for 2015 with a sliding touch area that serves as the keyboard the device. There’s also a menu available for touch on the main area of the device, with icons that resembles the ones in iOS, the older version even. There seems to be a camera at the top of the back side.

The sliding part seems to include a virtual QWERTY keyboard, if I’m not mistaking. I’ll be back in the next days with some other designs from Gregory, this time with Android and a clamshell unit.

[via Gregory Pizzatto]