Nokia 3310 Pro Model Rendered by Moe Slah, With Google Pixel Vibes

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In just a few hours we’ll get to meet the new Nokia 3310 at MWC 2017, but before that designers are running wild with concepts. Moe Slah for example has rendered the 3310 below, in beautiful blue and has some pretty good ideas.

Although leaks have shown that this will NOT be a smartphone, but rather a feature phone, the designer dared to make the device smart. The result is called Nokia 3310 Pro and it uses the same material and color of the original 3310, but the format has changed. We get a 5.5 inch AMOLED screen now and Android 7.0 as the OS, while the theme of the device can be set to the old monochrome menus.

Available in blue, green and purple, the phone has a blocky body, that’s gently sloped on the sides and the camera area has a different color than the rest of the body. The screen is quite narrow and has zero bezel to the bottom, with a bigger bezel on top side, where the Nokia logo rests. This is certainly a looker, but sadly it won’t happen today.

[via Behance]

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