Nokia 3650 4G Gets the Concept Creator Treatment in the 2021 Version

Recent rumors have talked about HMD Global bringing back some of the iconic Nokia phones from the past two decades in revamped forms. Nokia 3650 is among them and hearing that, designer Concept Creator and Letsgodigital came up with renders for a brand new Nokia 3650 5G (2021) with KaiOS. We also have a video of the device below.

Over the past few years HMD resurrected a few classics, like the Nokia 8110 4G banana phone and also the Nokia 2720 Flip. 2020 was also a year for remakes, with the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic and Nokia 6300 and 8000 also reimagined. Now it’s time for the Nokia 3650 4G to get a new lease on life. It all started with Russian site reporting that a Nokia 3650 2021 is in the making. The original came back in 2003 with a candybar design and a circular numeric pad and bottom side.

It ran on Symbian OS Series 60 and packed a 2.1 TFT display with a 208 x 176 pixel resolution. It also used a 0.3 megapixel VGA camera at the back and 4 MB of memory. Its battery was quite solid, at 850 mAh with 150 hours of standby time and 3 hours of talk time. Now the new version gets a camera, 4G support KaiOS and some basic apps. It’s much slimmer and sleeker, more elegant, but keeps the general lines of the predecessor. The circular keyboard will probably be hellish to control.

To me this feels more like a media player, MP4 player design than your average phone. It definitely appeals to the young and nostalgic audience. It’s made of polycarbonate, appears in blue or yellow and has a generous screen, at least 3 or 5 inches in diagonal. There’s a single back camera, probably an 8 or 12 MP shooter with LED flash. Expect a price below $150. If you ask me, there’s only one Nokia I’d bring back and that’s the N-Gage.

via Letsgodogital/ Concept Creator

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