Nokia 802 Concept is Transparent, Features… Symbian

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Well, there’s one way to make a concept original and that is create a stunning hardware design and slap on it an antique OS. I’m talking about the Nokia 802 concept, a beautiful transparent phone, but one that runs Symbian Belle if I’m not mistaking. This is the creation of Thair Joudi. At least it could have had MeeGo…

Well, getting over this whining, some people actually love Symbian and consider it a viable OS. As far as the device goes, it’s a slab of transparent material that reminds me of the Nokia futuristic phone spotted in the movie Real Steel. There are tons of ways you can use a transparent display phone, one of them being a huge viewfinder for your camera, plus tons of augmented reality applications, interaction with NFC tags and live photo tagging/geotagging and identification of Facebook contacts.

If I were to phantasize I’d say that about 6 phones like this, united through a revolutionary technology could create a tablet or something close to it. Sadly there are bezels standing in the way of that project. Anyway, this render is great and I hope it gets a lot of appreciation.

[via Deviantart]