iPod Nano Touch – Longer and Better Specced Than the Real Device

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Enrico Penello reimagined the iPod Nano as a longer device with smarter features and a brand new design. The result is the iPod Nano Touch shown below, a media player with a lengthy body and an original back side, with a proeminent bulk marked with the Apple logo.

The iPod Nano touch concept comes with WiFi, a front camera with Facetime supports, weather status, Nike+ exercise features and a bunch of classic apps, such as music, radio, images and podcasts. That back area is actually a big clip and there’s a lower black part that contains the WiFi antenna. We even have a home button in the mix, side volume buttons and the On/Off button at the top. Basically, this is a slimmed down, underpowered iPod touch if you want.

What’s interesting is that the width of the device is perfect to support the typical Apple connector cable, so it’s not very wide, which is a good thing. With a form factor like this, an iPod would be very pocket-friendly and thanks to the clip you can keep it attached to your belt, for example. Fancy this model or the standard iPod Nano?

[via Yanko Design]