iPhone Pro Concept Involves a Rear Mount for DSLR Lenses!

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We’ve published an iPhone Pro concept before, but this new Pro model has nothing to do with the previous one, since it’s an even more evolved idea. The creation of Jinyoung Choi, the iPhone Pro has as main appealing feature the mount at the back supporting a variety of accessories, including DSLR lenses.

The handset comes with a 4.5 inch 1280 x 800 pixel display, a 1.2 megapixel 3D camera and a body that measures 9.6mm in thickness. The iPhone Pro uses a a wide LCD with 2 side buttons and the 3D camera cam hook up to a DSLR lens for the best of result. Projector capability and a portable speaker, plusa removable hard disk are all features compatible with this model. For all that DSLR processing I guess that a quad core Apple A6 processor is required and also a very sturdy body, to keep that photo taking accessory in place.

The projector accessory with speaker included is very cool looking and it’s brilliantly attached to that mount at the back. You could connect anything to that special port, that I consider to be a great idea. Kudos to the designer of this iPhone concept and I sure hope that Apple will take a cue from his ideas. Rumors say that we might actually see a 4.5 inch display on the iPhone 5, so fingers crossed.

[via Yanko Design]


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