New Nokia Design Borrows From Apple and Android

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Dimitris Morianos imagined a Nokia phone that integrates design elements from Apple and some traits from Android and Google. The result is phone with a 5 megapixel camera, 3G support and a powerful front camera as well.

The front camera sensor will support 640 x 480 pixel resolutions and the handset will measure 13.5mm, while the height will be 15cm, a reminder of the iPhone. This model keeps the classic answer and end call buttons, plus volume and camera keys. The icons on the phone use LED lighting in various colors, allowing the user to navigate even when the lighting conditions are unfit.

The black version of this concept Nokia will be made from very glossy plastic, an AMOLED screen will be included and a chromium plate will be used for the logo. Brushed metal will be included in the sides, for a more luxurious look. Will this hybrid of technologies and designs work?

[via Design Buzz]

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  • nur’ain

    do this phone got sell in singapore ? and how much is this phone in singapore dollar ?

  • Chiara

    hello, has this phone come out to the phone shops or are they making them ??

  • sabir

    nice when we can get n what will be the price

  • kobby

    which brand is this,i mean the model

  • sreenath

    which is the android version ,what will be the price in india

  • Haresh Zapadia

    A nice android mobile of the nokia
    look is very nice

  • Sangita Musle

    At the latest When can Nokia Android Phone be expected in India…@ price list and features

  • michael

    its a nice combination of ‘OS’. but whats the model and what operating system can it be classified under? is it in Nigeria? n hw much does it cost?

  • Anonymous

    best of luck for ur business because nice smart phone ,then improve u r ram

  • shyamji soni

    very nice look new model

  • Manoj

    wow! it’s superb smartphone i ever seen before.

  • radhey

    Really nice phone but how much time to launch this phone and specify the model no, price, fetchers and any about the phone.