Nokia Fit, a Phone that Fits On Your Finger Like a Ring

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Everyone laughed at that Apple ring concept a while ago, if I remember well, but here’s another device wearable around your index finger. Say goodbye to smartwatches or smart glasses, since the smart ring is here and this Nokia concept is actually pretty solid.


Created by Issam Trabelsi, the device is a ring that snaps around your index finger and allows you to call people. Dubbed Nokia Fit, this gadget is made from soft silicone and flexible rubber, being both waterproof and packed with the basic features of a phone. Notifications are made available through vibrations and the ergonomic design makes those tiny buttons easily accessible.


The only problem with the Nokia Fit ring phone is that it’s too easy to lose, while swimming in the water or jogging for example. Also, it would be pain to handle a mouse or keyboard with that thing on. But, the attempt may be the start of something interesting and the sketch showing the way the device is held next to ear seems very well thought to me. What do you think of this smartphone ring?


[Via Yanko Design]

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