Nokia Lumia 1 Concept Features Rotating Camera

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Deviantart member alfatuma has created a Nokia Lumia concept, a model simply called Nokia Lumia 1. This device packs a rotating camera, a plastic body and an interesting approach.

nokia lumia 1 concept

It’s thinner at the top at the thicker at the bottom, where the cool rotating camera area is placed. The Lumia 1 was made in Rhinoceros 4, a pretty often used piece of software for design nowadays. There are speakers at the bottom, close to the microUSB port and the screen of the device feels a bit small, maybe a 5 incher. Nokia Lumia 1 features a polycarbonate shell and I can’t help but wonder if there’s a back camera or not here.

The angle of the camera is interesting, because it makes me think more of a projector’s angle than a camera. The purpose of the rotating area isn’t exactly clear, since we do have a front camera on this model. I’m very curious about the back of the rotating part, that probably doesn’t include any special mechanisms, or maybe speakers at best.

[via Deviantart]

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