Nokia Lumia 1530 Concept Features 6 Inch Display, 20 MP Camera

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Shaik Imaduddin has imagined the next big phablet coming out of Nokia. The device is dubbed Nokia Lumia 1530 and it’s shown in the image below. This is the successor to the Nokia Lumia 1520 and it’s a 6 inch phablet with a 1080p IPS display.

nokia lumia 1530

It has a Snapdragon 805 processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and a 20 megapixel camera with OIS. There’s also IP67 water and dust resistance and the general format of this model is pretty much like the one of the predecessor only with a smaller bezel. I also notice there’s a different spacing of the Windows Phone tiles compared to what we’re used to.

I’m guessing that this handset runs Windows Phone 8.1, which means it has Cortana and a decent notifications center. I’ve also spotted a new tile size, a vertical elongated one, that’s shown in the form of a To Do List. Finally, this model is rounded at the top and bottom, something we don’t usually associate with a Nokia Lumia.

[Thanks Shaik Imaduddin]

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  • WPx

    Specificate se ha la radio FM.
    Poi, non vedo se c’è una memoria SD esterna.
    Perché lo schermo non è QHD???

  • The mohammad faishal khan is upcoming for nokia and lumia 1520.

  • A.o.A
    Nokia Lumia 1530 is excillent mobile i like it. But price is very highe plzzzzz normal price 30000 to 35000 lounched….

  • sam saini

    i like this phone but this phone is costly

  • Oscar banda ob

    its a nice phone very neat nd smart

  • rakesh

    I love lumias but 1530 normal price in 40000 thounsend plazz .

  • abasabd

    it is perfect

  • Anonymous

    I like this phone. Phone is very nice as per given specification but price is too costly.

  • I like this phone. Phone is very nice as per given specification but price is too costly plz plz acchang ofar for me

  • akhil

    I love ❤ Lumia but 1530 specification is awesome but expandable memory available yes or no

  • dammy

    I love this phone, the silver edges are just perfect , pls make it not more than 5″5 not everyone likes a big phone

  • Rupesh

    Nic phone

  • Anonymous

    Please any one says me this phone is available in market

  • ahmed ali rajpoot

    can anyone tell final price of this beauty >?

  • This design is not welcoming to me .just want the one in unibody that looks like an iPhone was very nice .this one get no beauty and very ugly

  • haneef ali khan

    Its excellent but very costly I need price b/w 30000 to 35000…….

  • antonios

    Nokia lumia is probably the best phone in the wirld. It compines the normal tablet,mobile phone and a small portable laptop. With tha fast processor,the high memory ,the the high GPU and the 20 megapixel camera ,i think you dont need somthing better to havewith you.This phone can help working people to the office to the restaurant most of the jobs .The relationship with microsft is the best team.Thanks to microsoft with the new updated version of windows 8.1 and later the win.10

  • john

    Yes its the price that only the rich person can buy???? How about the commoner??? Nokia must thimk for the mass buyer jyst like the chinese base on volume the more buyer the better

  • Vandana

    I liked this phone very much and eagerly waiting for its release date. But the price should be kept reasonable i.e. upto Rs. 35,0000/- . Recommend to update the facebook option as : 1. Facebook as it is available on mobile and 2. Full website for facebook should be made available on mobile .

  • chhuttansingh

    Good but very high in price

  • aakash

    Well LUMIA is pretty much amazing but 1530 price is too costly

  • Anwar kamal

    My favorite phone lumia 1530 when i studied it’s all features but,it is very expensive.

  • alex adame

    I have owned Lumia 1520 since the first day they come. It’s two years old now not a scratch on front screen. Great 20 mg camera still looks better then iPhone 6 and galaxy. No phone can beat it

  • Doris

    I have Lumia 1520 for 2 years that work perfectly in work especially with the Office 365 Outlook. I am looking forward for the 1530 available in Hong Kong. As the 1520 has to reboot from time to time as it is 2 years old now and the battery may fade out soon. Hope I didn’t force to buy other phone instead of 1530 when the current one really died.

  • tonny

    When is Microsoft Lumia 1530 coming to Uganda on market

  • Asghar Ali

    this is verry smart nd slim
    I like it

  • obiorah UTOMI

    I Love microsoft

  • obiorah UTOMI

    Microsoft,Should ANSWER ITS customers.WHEN IS THE LUMIA 1530 realy coming to TOWNS???????.